Hi, my name is Corbin Purviance

My name is Corbin Purviance I am 15 years old and go to Shawnee Mission West highschool.


I recently got into SMMA once I first found out about it from Iman Gadhzi on youtube, and since then I want to learn more about different buissneses and how to be successful.

Web Design

My dad is a very talented web designer/animator and recently he has showed me alot about web design and I really like it so far, my most recent project is this site I created.


I really love buissnes mainly online buissnes where you can make tens of millions online. I really like the sound of the amount of freedom that comes with it and not having to wake up early and go to work from 5-9. I also like the fact of being my own boss.


Recently ive been trying to find different online buissneses to make a living off of. Hopefully one day I will have made it in the buissnes world and be successful and retire my parents and live a amazing life.

My Skills

Here are some of my skills. If you would like to talk about work or any other oppertunities let me know!